You want to quit smoking. You’ve promised to quit smoking. But for some reason you haven’t been able to. Maybe you’ve tried but then started again. So you might be wondering: Why is it so hard?


You’re Not Alone

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quit smoking

70% of smokers want to quit, millions of people each year try to quit smoking but fail. Most smokers make multiple attempts to quit before being successful. However, there’s effective treatment that exist which can help you quit for long term or even forever!

Remember! Smoking Is THE SILENT KILLER

Nicotine is found in the tobacco plant. It constitutes approximately 0.6 – 3% of tobacco’s dry weight. Nicotine stimulate your central nervous system. It reduces the blood level in your brain, which is why smokers usually feel dizzy and sick when they first inhale the nicotine in tobacco. Gradually the body built its tolerance level and it soon degenerates to addiction to avoid pain of withdrawal symptoms.

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quit smoking

When inhaled, smoke goes into your lungs and the nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. Nicotine takes roughly 10 seconds to reach the brain. The amount of nicotine absorbed into the body depends on how much tobacco a cigarette contains and also if a filter is used.

While the nicotine is in your body, your liver produces glucose and your adrenal medulla emits epinephrine which causes your heart to beat faster and is believed to evoke an euphoric feeling. Nicotine also produces acetyl-choline which depresses the brain nerves, affecting the way you feel and act.

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So, act now. Quit smoking now! Whatsapp / Telegram

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