The Consequences Of Smoking On Your Love One

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Up to 4,000 different types of chemical substance are used or found in a stick of cigarette. Of which 200 are poisonous and 63 are attributed to causing cancer. One of the harmful substance found in cigarette are called nicotine to which smokers can become addicted to. Even though a smoker may choose to stop the habit, this addiction causes one to be dependent on it continually.

Here are The Consequences Of Smoking On Your Love One; just for your information…

  • Smoking during pregnancy can affect the unborn child, and babies are more likely to be born underweight, premature or to be stillborn.vivix shaklee
  • Passive smoking, where a person is subject to breathing in the cigarette smoke of others, can cause lung damage, including cancer and heart disease.
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  • If you are a family man especially, smoking has really serious consequences to your family members.
  • Exposure to 2nd hand smoke which is two times more hazardous / risky that 1st hand smokers.
  • Children usually imitate adults whether consciously or subconsciously. They are likely to pick up YOUR bad habit later in life. quit smoking
  • From cigarettes as a starter at home, children may then experiment drugs where it is more challenging. Challenging in a sense that it is harder to obtain drugs because cigarette could be taken at home from YOU.


  • Smoking impairs sports performance and stamina due to rapid heartbeat and decreased circulation. From there, intimate relationship could be affected.vivix shakleeRead also Quit Smoking

Still think of smoking? Please think twice,think about your loves one!

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